Pied Heron…archival pigment print


Pied Heron, limited edition by Gerhard Hillmann

Mixed media artwork. Released as an archival pigment print on german etching paper or archival canvas. From the Northern Exposure collection. A portrait of the majestic Pied Heron I occasionally find in the wetlands of far north Queensland.

Pied Heron (Ardea picata)

The Pied Heron, also known as the Pied Egret or White Headed Egret is a bird found in coastal and subcoastal areas of tropical northern Australia as well as some parts of Wallacea and New Guinea. It is a small heron, 43–55 cm long, with dark slaty wings, body, and crested head, with a white throat and neck. The appearance is similar to the white-necked heron.Males (247–280 g) are heavier than females (225–242 g), but the two are similar in appearance.Immature birds lack the crest as well as the dark colouring on the head and may look like small versions of the white-necked heron.

It feeds on insects, frogs, crabs, fish and other small aquatic animals. Insects are the most important source of food. It may feed alone or in large groups of up to a thousand individuals.Breeding takes place from February to May. It nests in trees above the water, including mangroves, often colonially with other species of heron. 1–2 blue-green eggs are laid in a shallow platform of sticks. The call of the pied heron is a loud ‘awk’ or ‘ohrk’ in flight. Soft cooing is given around the nest.

Pied Heron

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Archival Giclee Print.

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