Creative Process

ORGANIC PHOTO MONTAGE is how I describe my style of creating images. It is a form of fine art photography which has taken me many years to develop and it continues to evolve in an exciting progressive way. Every artwork is unique and many ideas are explored as traditional fine art skills (film) are merged with modern technology (digital) in a seamless way. As you immerse yourself in one of these artworks; subtle, intricate and vibrant details may suddenly appear, making the invisible visible, as the more you look the more you see.

Through observation and patience unique details in nature become visible and this art of seeing inspires me to continue creating organic photo montages. I create images which attempt to capture the essence or feeling of a place from the inside out, hopefully stimulating peoples imagination and respect of the natural world we are all part of.

Walking up a rainforest creek near Kuranda collecting leaves.

Flatbed Scanner.
The most important piece of equipment I use is the flatbed scanner. Natural textures, including shells, rocks, plants etc, are collected, photographed and often scanned. The computer is used as a mixing pot (photoshop) allowing things to be combined in a seamless way. I avoid unnecessary effects and attempt to keep things clean and simple.However, occasionally i might add a hollographic vortex or flame fractal overlay just to hint at the mysterious universal growth patterns we are all made of. Gradually building up layers, Transparency, colour gradiants and repetition of form are used to create depth and movement in many of the images.

Thats basically it in a nutshell, a work in progress, a way of documenting my journey through this life and sharing the art of seeing.I use a variety of techniques to create imagery. These methods are a work in progress always being modified and refined. This process is as important as the finished piece and it is this story of creation that I try to express through my art.

closeup of leaves

gerhard macro photography