Please leave a comment below if you find something on this website interesting.
You can also visit the Facebook page to see artworks in progress. Thankyou



  1. Sydney says:

    Gerhardt and Natasha, I’m in awe of the beautiful work you do. It was a real treat to make our way out to Kuranda and meet you both. Thank you for the time you took to show us around. Lucky me for traveling with your mum’s sister-in-law, eh? Even meeting Harry at Opal Time was cool. Thank you for everything! Sydney (and Aunt Peggy) now….back to shopping…

  2. valerie says:

    thank you Natasha for the extra fabric patch ,I love the vibrant colors and precise images ,great for quilting I have in mind Val

  3. reinhard says:

    Nice work

  4. Maggie James says:

    We just love Gerhard’s work, having first met him at a market in Cairns in 2011. I am excited about ordering another limited edition print to compliment the one we already own and I have also made a lap quilt from 16 of his fabric patches.

  5. Stella says:

    Just beautiful, was given 10 patches from my daughter as a present

  6. Lynda Cresswell says:

    Just beautiful. What a selection! Lots to choose from and for us brings back happy memories of North East Australia, the colours are lovely.

  7. Gwynne Klaassen says:

    Am sending one of your cards to a friend in Cooloola Cove, Qld. Will be back to choose some of your beautiful prints for quilting.
    I find your work so uplifting.

  8. Robyn McBeth says:

    Hi, bought 40 picture pack from you a while ago and an extra 17×17 crystal panel. To let you know I made the 17×17 panel into a picture by backing same and stitching around the large crystal and several smaller sections and then lightly stuffing them. I then placed it on a canvas and put little bits of bling on it like rain drops. it looked so good and the lady I gifted it to love it. Thank you for your work. also have made two 40×40 lap rugs one with birds, the other with butterflies which went to Canada as a Just Because gift. The frogs are next. Thank you again love your work.

  9. Dana Dee Healy says:

    How absolutely wonderful, choices are endless, thank you to my sister in law Maureen for bringing me to your website. Choices?????

  10. Alison says:

    I saw your designs at the Port Douglas market in 2012 but didn’t buy them. Time to correct that and now have ordered patches for a butterfly quilt

  11. Mary says:

    I would like to have some of everything! I simply love your work.

  12. Billie Gene Trimbo says:

    This is an amazing site, I am so excited to see all of your work, and to pick a unique design/ material for my quilting !

  13. Diana Ivey says:

    Beautiful work. I’m looking forward to looking through your site. I saw a picture of a sulfur crested cockatoo. I wood like a picture of a goffin cockatoo

  14. Renee Nichols says:

    I just love this site! My daughter and I want everything!!! Lol. Thanks for being out there! Wonderful work everyone! Renee and Sinead Nichols

  15. Glenda Edwards says:

    Hi, I bought quite a few of your fabric squares when we visited the markets in Cairns a couple of months ago. I am a friend of Nikki and Geoff’s who do the beautiful glassware. I am looking to make something with your squares this year so when I do I will send a picture to you. I love your work, it is truely amazing and beautiful. Cheers Glenda

  16. Christine Allen says:

    Just love looking at the whole collection, still not quite sure which ones to choose but know it won’t be long before my first order is sent to you!

  17. Christine Allen says:

    So hard to pick and several in mind for table runners for my daughters to choose from. Just love looking at the whole collection.

  18. Sandy wicks says:

    All I can say is WOW…. I love your fabric prints, I have made up and embellished , several . Every time I visit Mt Malloy , I buy several. I also have one of your photos of a cassowary in the bush. Love it .

  19. M. Legare says:

    Loved my first order am ordering another set.

  20. Marilyn Kingberg says:

    Absolutely beautiful

  21. Heather says:

    Your site is such a beautiful reminder that our world was created not a Big Bang splat….
    Thank you .

  22. Deb says:

    What amazing work you do. I was just given 2 of your fabric squares and now my mind is in a dither of how to use them to display your wonderful work in a quilt or wall hanging. Your website creations leave me speachless. Will certainly be returning to purchse for myself.
    Thank you Deb

  23. Jo-Anne McCallum says:

    Have just looked through this site, and love it, The colours are amazing, I am racking my brain already to use so of these beautiful pieces of art. Will be back to purchase in the near future. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Jo-Anne

  24. Juanell Hollingsworth says:

    Just discovered this site. Beautiful squares that I will purchase to make a quilt.

  25. Jean Turner says:

    A friend just told me about your site and it is awesome. I have it bokmarked and will be back many times. Thanks

  26. Donna Lynn says:

    just amazed at your capture of color, texture,

  27. Olga says:

    First time viewing your fabric collection, these are truly unique and beautiful. Would love to purchase in the near future. Great eye for being able to capture the beauty of nature. Cheers from California.

  28. Ginny Smart says:

    These are incredible images. I can’t decide what to purchase first!

  29. Ina Davis says:

    Beautiful work!!! I NEED to order some fabric patches from you! I’ll be back soon!!!

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  31. wendy barrett says:

    Absolutely gorgeous designs and colours are just as bright as shown on the internet. I have bought 4 different colour schemes in lots to make patchwork quilts, altogether 30+ 6″ patches, plus larger ones. Now all I have to do is buy complimentary fabrics when I get home to Melbourne to make up the wall hangings or quilts. I have bought directly from the markets, some last year when I was in Port Douglas.


  32. Deborah says:

    This is the second time purchasing your artwork. I love it and I am creating a quilt with them now. I find the colors so vibrant and each fabric square so unique. Thank you.

  33. LISA says:

    ……so incredibly gorgeous….you have a wonderful talent!!!!…..still trying to decide which ones I will choose….I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

  34. Jean Bosson says:

    I don’t know how to begin. There are so many amazing works of art. I will definitely be back and make a purchase.
    Thank you,

  35. Marilyn says:

    Wonderful – I wanted to buy them all!

  36. Sue says:

    Absolutely beautiful fabric. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing some. Breathtaking!

  37. Christine W. says:

    You are Blessed with incredible talent! I love your work and am contemplating what I would like to order for my winter quilt project. It is summer here in WI in the USA, so much to do with Gardening and all. Keep up the Beautiful work! :)

  38. Frances Faux says:

    truly magnificent and so cleaver just love the colours.

  39. Carole L S says:

    Beautiful….Just beautiful!!!
    I hope to order some wonderful fabric patches for a special quilt!

  40. Cala Bell says:

    Oh, I will definitely be getting these! Have you done any sea glass?

  41. Gwen Breen says:

    your work is absolutely amazing!!!! I would LOVE to use them in my quilts, not sure I could do them justice

  42. eveline says:

    you are amasing there isalways something new,thanks a lot

  43. Crystal Baxter says:

    Love these and need a price for misc package

  44. Sharon Bryant says:

    I would love to see more sea shell prits.

  45. Sara says:

    Unbelievably beautiful !! :) I to will be back to purchase

  46. Sara says:

    unbelievably beautiful!!! :)

  47. Jane says:

    Thank You for all the beautiful pictures. You inspire me to want to create using your product’s. Know I have to decide which one’s and how many to use. You truley are gifted.

  48. Anne says:

    let me just say WOW & Wow & WOW !!!

  49. Barb says:

    amazingly gorgeous art work! I have saved the website, joined the newsletter and will be following new releases & looking for the perfect art to add to a special quilt.

  50. Joan Rea says:

    exquisite I am in midst of a Baravelle circle quilt and have a roughriders and and oriental tea garden on order, methinks further quilts will include Australian art work squares. I have some of Yvonne Dorward’s paintings but these take my breath away – like McArhtur, I shall return

  51. Marilyn Kucera says:

    This is the most beautiful and stuffing fabric that I have ever seen. It takes it beyond an artist’s conception. What a way to leave you mark on this world. This is a quilters haven.

  52. The fabric patches are exquisite! I have just bought a dozen and can already see them in a quilt I am planning.
    Love the colours and the subjects. Wish I had seen this site earlier.

  53. Toni Eckart says:

    fabulous I am mesmerized

  54. Joanne Patrick Lomax says:

    Hello I have been admiring this site and your creative work for a while now. Looking forward to working with some of these. My husband too, says “I’ve never seen anything like it” So for sure I will ask him to consult with me to see which beauties we will choose. Your inspiration must be divine. “Blessed is the spot” Baha’u’llah

  55. Pat Haynes says:

    Absolutely gorgeous fabric! Color and details are truly amazing!
    Will be surely ordering some of these beautiful fabrics!!


    Thanks for the beautiful kisses from nature, this is
    unbelievable,the colors are more than alive.Keep blessing us.
    Thanks so much Herminia

  57. EMI says:

    Magnificent array of nature with great artistry!

  58. Shirley Tebay says:

    Beautiful pictures and fabric! Stunning with the graphics! I will keep you in mind when planning my next quilt.Keep doing what you do and God Bless!

  59. Eleanor Bennett says:

    These are absolutely wonderful! Will be saving your website.

  60. Thank you for these beautifull pictures. Your work is different and perfect.

  61. Lorraine says:

    What glorious creations. Mine is going into a jacket. I had been waiting for the last piece to present itself and now I have found it.
    Thanks a bunch.

  62. TRACY RICHARDS says:

    Amazing – never saw anything like them.

  63. Vicki says:

    These just make me happy. It’s nice to know that something this beautiful is readily available. It’s hard to choose from so many amazing options,I keep coming back and looking.

  64. Linda M Wutke says:

    Beautiful – will be ordering soon – so many to choose from,

  65. Caryn B says:

    OK I got my 10 squares. They are better than I hoped for. The colors are just amazing. Thank you so much. I could not be happier!!!! Now to win the LOTTO so I can buy them all!!!

  66. Carol Holland says:

    Fantastic, inspiring

  67. sheryl says:

    beautiful work!!

  68. Helen Brown says:

    Your work is beyond belief! I felt I was wandering in a magical land while viewing some of your patches. I didn’t have time to see them all this morning, so I’m looking forward to visiting your site again soon. Totally, totally fantastic!!!!!

  69. Margaret says:

    Found this site by accident , wow is right will visit often , such beautiful works.

  70. Lis Martion says:

    Absolutely other words to describe your art work. I am sure down the track when I can save enough I will be back here.
    Thank you..

  71. Beckie says:

    These are so beautiful!!! I can’t wait to get some ordered and place them on one of my handmade quilts, my friends will love them. Thanks so much.

  72. Roberta Mancuso says:

    Unbelieveable. Just beautiful

  73. Carol says:

    There are no words. Your work is so beautiful. Lots of quilt ideas are coming and gifts for fellow quilters. Thankyou for the inspiration.

  74. Cannot say in words how beautiful everything is on this site. Glorious!

  75. Connie says:

    These arrive in Minnesota in only 10 days and they are just stunning! Thank you.

  76. Ingrid Muldoon says:

    Beautiful, I can see a new quilt coming up!!!

  77. Selina Brown says:

    Very beautiful work. Will be saving this site for my next quilt, count on it!

  78. Selina says:

    Love your work, will be ordering for sure just can’t decide there is so many beautiful ones to choose from! I quilt and the possibilities are endless :)

  79. Selina says:

    Love your work and I will be ordering for sure, but it’s so hard to many would look so good in a quilt! :)

  80. Lynn says:

    I LOVE all of your fabric patches and can hardly wait to order and start quilting them. Thank you thank you thank you. I have wanted to do my own nature pictures on fabric but my photography skills etc. can never be this beautiful.

  81. Kathy says:

    WOW!!! This is indeed beautiful work. Congratulations. Glad I found this site.

  82. Claire says:

    Stunning. Captivating. You are blessed with an amazing artistic gift. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature in a way which will inspire others to use your art to create their own.

  83. Anita Newton says:

    Absolutely stunning!!!! I am also going to make a quilt or quilts!!! with your beautiful patches. Just need to decide which fabrics to start with. Like Donna above, I am also planning on just setting them off with black fabric.

  84. norma smith says:

    awesome!love the designs , so beautiful!

  85. Kathy J. Thomas says:

    Love your work! Beautiful!

  86. Ann says:

    These are the most gorgeous examples of fabric art, I have ever seen. Simply stunning.

  87. Lin Garland says:

    I stumbled across this posting, fantastic work on fabric no less. My favorate is the dragon fly.

  88. Ellyn says:

    breathtakingly beautiful- i can’t leave …..

  89. Shelly Harris says:

    I love all of them, they are just wonderful!

  90. Connie says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to get them so I can start quilting.

  91. Lynda says:

    What a beautful and colourful website. Your work is outstanding and colours amazing!

  92. Lynda says:

    Beautiful, colourful and inspirational.

  93. Lynda says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Your colours are wonderful!

  94. Jo Huisingh says:

    So Lovely! One day I hope to make a quilt using these!

  95. Julie Beard says:

    The artwork here does inspire me to become more creative. I love your wonderful collages and photographic designs. I keep thinking I need to make one into a quilt. So I am now got the decision what picture to choose and how big. Julie It’s nature in full glory!

  96. Lee Moroney says:

    I found your website in Traditional Crafts Magazine, and thought how beautiful they are. I’ve never seen any fabrics like them

  97. Janet McCully says:

    What beautiful patches. Love them – just need to work out what I can do with them. xx

  98. Sheryl Woolfork says:

    I’m a beginner quilter. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful as your patches. As a novice artist they touch my soul. so beautiful , breathe taking beautiful. I’m going to save my money so i can buy 20 of your patches. I would to make two quilts. The butterflies are wonderful. Your patches show the beauty that the Lord has made. thanks , thanks for all your work. I just it love it.

  99. Claire Barker says:

    What a fabulous collection of designs, my mind is spinning and I shall pass the info on to everyone at my sewing group. Truly wonderful.

  100. Betsy says:

    Breathtaking art, I am a widow and a quilter and can’t wait until I can order the 10 patches for quilt hanging to inspire me each day that there is so much beauty in nature and to keep moving forward. Thank you

  101. Renate says:

    Stumbled across your images by googling the Blue Q.tree and am just amazed by all the textures and colors. Very inspiring!

  102. Judith says:

    So incredibly beautiful! Your designs and interpretation of nature is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your art

  103. Donna says:

    Found this on Facebook and just had to have some. I am planning on simply using black fabric to set off these beautiful patches. Can not wait to see these din real life.

  104. Lynne Roberts says:

    Gerhard, I just found your work and It’s stir up so many feeling inside me. I don’t know where to start just overwhelms me. Please Please don’t stop making art. Thank you Lynne

  105. Anne says:

    Incredibly creative and colorful designs…very original. Keep at it! Anne

  106. Anne says:

    An amazing artist – incredible colors and design…have never seen anything quite like it…very creative. Keep at it! Anne Havard

  107. Jo Anne says:

    I have two projects to finish in quilting, then I will be back to purchase. I find your designs fascinating and colour provoking. They set the wheels off in my head as to how I can use them and in what form.
    I appreciate your work and am looking forward to receiving some of your patches.

  108. LORETTA SKOURN says:

    simply beautiful

  109. I love your work, would like to learn more about as illustrations in stated childrens books. The ambient natural appeal… is a wonder. The likes of rarely seen (by me anyway)

    Gotta fan… :)

    Peace… Ro

  110. Ruth says:

    I have just found your site, amazing I live in Central Qld and your patchs just bring everything to life, I do patchwork and quilting and my mind is working so fast on how I will incorporate some of your beautiful artwork. Thank you

  111. Yvonne says:

    Just saw you on FB beautiful designs.

  112. Sharon Bryant says:

    Not doing any quilting at this time but getting ideas of how to use your work. Will be back to purchace as soon as I can. I am a fabric junkie!! I love your designs!

  113. Erlinda Manaog says:

    I fell in love the first time I saw the patches. The designs are amazing. How can I order? Im here in Dubai. Please reply.


  114. Nicole Ng says:

    Stunning Gerhard! Saw your beautiful work at Auntie June’s in Hobart and felt drawn to check your webstie out… (yes I am your long lost second cousin). I am creating ideas in my head… back soon. PS I too am an acupuncturist! :)

  115. Berenice says:

    So many beautiful patches that I can’t chose right now, but I will return. You have really captured the beauty of our country.

  116. Wendy Slowski says:

    The artwork takes my breath away!!! Definitely started the ‘quilting juices’ flowing!

  117. Karen says:

    Incredible eye candy. Absolutely beautiful. I’m going to keep looking. Thank you.

  118. Darlene Thompson says:

    Awesome! Your fabrics are amazing. I am sharing your site with all my fabric friends…

  119. Jennifer says:

    Truly amazing work you have done. You have a great eye for detail and images and photography. You must be doing a lot of traveling to different places that most of us will never get to. What you see and how you translate it into an art form truly amazes me. Do you ever give lessons, tips, tricks, about how you accomplish the changes in the images after they have been taken.

  120. Sandie McFerran says:

    ..Lovely … I need to figure out how to get them to me in California. Your eye is incredible.

  121. Julie says:

    What an incredible eye you have – very talented. These nature designs really are stunning. Very glad I’ve found your site!

  122. Leonie says:

    simply gorgorous.

  123. jenny says:

    amazing i love the fabric patches will have to save to buy 10 too many nice ones to choose just one

  124. dawn says:

    beautiful art work

  125. Hilary Choat says:

    I have just found you in a magazine and went to mcclaren Vale but shop was gone and then read country threads and was so excited to find you .it said you would send a catalogue. Please send me a catalogue to H Choat. PO Box 170 Woodcroft. South Australia 5162. I shall eagerly await it’s arrival.. Very interested in the material patches. Many many thanks. Hilary Choat

  126. Margaret Williams says:

    This has blown me away. I have been looking for just this kind of thing for some time now and I am now in heaven. I want one of everything so I can let my creative dreams flow forth. I will be buying for sure.

  127. richard mcmillan says:

    beautiful art as always brother- i LOVE the spiders!! looking forward to crossing paths again.
    xx richard

  128. lesley jones says:

    Hard to find on the internet as there isn’t a web site and I don’t have facebook but thank goodness i perserved. I will be ordering some tomorrow as the patches are simply stunning.
    Thank you for your beautiful work.

  129. Maureen says:

    So so beautiful ,I love them all

  130. Cindy Wendt says:

    Came over from an ad on the sidebar on my FB page. Very impressed with you Fabric patches.
    Well very impressed with all the pics actually. Well Done. Good luck!!!

  131. Great work as always Gerhard. I always eagerly await your new designs.

  132. Louise says:

    Awesome work…as a scientist I like the fact that your work evokes positive emotions towards nature which is what the world needs more of.

  133. Linda says:

    I just want to cry!! They are absolutely stunning and the quotes you have put to them are really touching. Can’t wait to get home on Monday and see (and buy) some more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  134. Toni says:

    The pictures are absolutely stunning they are so beautiful. My mind is racing as to how I can use them. You are so clever to have such a fantastic imagination.

  135. Irene Story says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW, was all I could say when they arrived.
    Planning to make a special quilt with these little beauties.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  136. Margaret says:

    Bought some patches and excitedly waiting for there arrival.

  137. Green Maiden says:

    I think your work is beautiful and truly inspiring. I have background in horticulture, conservation and then Geographic Information Systems, and lastly Natural History Film Making. Your recognition of the connected nature of living things, especially true of humans and the rest of nature is re-assuring. This lack of connection with the real world (natural environment) is what drives most people to distraction, but they often don’t realise that it is the re-connection with natural environments that is one of the most essential components of health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

    Thanks for all of it

  138. Susan O' says:

    Hi Gerhard – I bought some of your beautiful cards at the Market in Port Douglas today. Love the creative combination of your wonderful photography and artwork.

  139. Lee says:

    I just love your work. It shows your passion of art. Keep on growing

  140. Jim Johnson says:

    Your art/photography is the missing link for me with my hobby as an amateur photobug particularly with my love for the rainforest. Your work is amazing and captivating. I would love to learn your techniques as I too attempt to create what I call art/photography with photo editoring.


    Jim Johnson

  141. Wonderful art and photographs, looking at this brings me back to North Queensland where I used to live.

    Best regards

  142. Susan Pike says:

    Love the prints, they are beautiful, will certainly be purchasing some in the near future.

  143. Mel says:

    Wow! I’ve just saw some of your work while on holidays in Nth Queensland (on display at the Eco Centre in the Daintree)… absolutely beautiful… glad i’ve found the website gallery! :)

    Adelaide Hills

  144. Julia says:

    Awesome work Gerhard! ~ :-)

  145. fred says:

    I have ordered before, the cards are fantastic value

  146. Susan says:

    I bought one of your Curlew cards for my son and his family who experienced these birds during a visit to us from The Netherlands.

    I also bought a painting of these birds for them from the Tolga Wood Shop along with the card. An ideal Christmas present and card which will bring back happy memories for them.

    Thank you so much for your beautiful work…..Susan

  147. Stella says:

    My daughter purchase 10 cotton patches as a gift for me and they are just beautiful. I hope to make a small quilt for her, congratulations on such beautiful work.

  148. Pam Morgan says:

    Congratulations on your creative work.Love your designs on fabric. Hope to purchase soon

  149. hi,

    your prints are indescribable, i purchased a couple while on holiday in Cairns and I instantly have fallen for them, you are able to bring nature onto the prints!!!

    It was lovely meeting you, and i cannot wait to purchase more!!!

  150. Peggy Eldred says:

    Hi Gerhard. My name is Peggy and I live in the Daintree Rainforest.
    Just yesterday I came across some of your beautiful cards (in the Daintree Discovery Centre) and I loved them straight away (and bought 3 of them).
    I like your style (its unique), the information and sayings on the back and as well the price is reasonable, which is not often the case anymore!
    So, thumbs up for your great work!
    Cheers from the Daintree.

  151. Steve & Elaine Murphy says:

    We purchased “DEEP FOREST” from you in Cairns.. Loved it when we saw it and find it absolutely breathtaking now that we are home to view it again.

    Will be in touch to purchase more Art from you.
    Very ingenious and captures the true heart of Australia.

    Well done…!!

  152. Briany Gellatly says:

    Truly remarkable! I met you and your family in Douglas not long back and look forward to purchasing more of your work soon, beautiful!

  153. Hans says:

    well done…true eye candy utilizing todays digital freedom with lots of creative imagination..well set out site…thank you for your experience

  154. Great to visit you, Tasha and Minna the other day. Visiting your website gives me the tropical bliss I need to survive the rat race in Sydney.
    Love your new landscapes,

  155. heather smart says:

    such great work beautiful site. Congrats on your new rainforest acre just knoe the money will come to keep it all flowing XOXOXO

  156. Victor Cook says:

    Are prints available of the San Pedro image used on

    Ross Heaven’s The Hummingbird’s Journey To God?

    LOVE your work!!!!

  157. JEM says:

    Fantastic work! fantastic website!

  158. Michael Shawna and Mara Jade Majerus says:

    We really like the new website. Minna is so cute! Email anytime…

    The Majeri


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