What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography refers to images that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. Fine art photography stands in contrast to photojournalism, which provides visual support for stories. With fine art photography it is not necessary to depict reality as it is but interpret it as an artist. The term fine art photography does not have any one definition and allows the artist total freedom to use their imagination and multiple creative techniques. As photography evolves so to does our idea of fine art photography.

What is Organic Photo-Montage?

Montage is an art form which consists of putting together or assembling various smaller pictures to create a larger work; an artistic composite; To combine or depict into a montage.Photo-montage is the merging of multiple images, textures and other organic matter in a seamless photographic collage.

“Organic Photo Montage” is how I describe my style of creating images. It is a form of fine art photography which has taken me many years to develop and it continues to evolve in an exciting progressive way.Every artwork is unique and many ideas are explored as traditional fine art skills (film) are merged with modern technology (digital) in a fluid, dynamic way.

What art papers do I use?

I primarily use the Hahnemühle Collection of Fine Art Papers. HP Hahnemühle® Watercolour Paper is a high-quality, acid-free paper perfect for professional digital fine art reproduction. The natural white material contains 50% cotton rag content for added strength and durability.

What are Limited Editions?

A limited edition is restricted in the number of copies available in that medium and format, which gives them their value and exclusivity. Because the number of prints released and in circulation are limited they make them highly collectable in the artworld. A limited edition is normally hand signed and numbered by the artist, typically in pencil, in the form (eg): 14/100. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints the artist will print of that image. A small number of “artists’ proofs” may also be produced as well, signed and with “AP”, “proof” etc.

What are Exclusive Editions?

These artworks are released as very limited editions. (sometimes only one is available for purchase). This makes them very exclusive and a distinguished investment opportunity. Archival museum quality is guaranteed. Each artwork comes with a registered certificate of authenticity & legal document.

What are Open Editions?

An open edition is a series of prints that do not have assigned numbers and are not limited in print run numbers. They are often hand signed by artists but do not have the same collectable value attached.

Pricing and value of Limited editions

There is a positive investment incentive to purchase prints in a limited edition as early as possible, preferably when it is a new release. In time when prints in the edition starts selling the value and price price goes up incrementally. Until 50% of the prints in a limited edition are sold the price stays the same. However, After this the price increases by 10% for each print sold. When 75% of an edition is sold the price goes up 20% each time a print is sold . After 90% of the edition is sold the price goes up 40%. When 95% of the edition is sold the price for a print is increased to over 80% of the previous one. Remember this is an increasing scale of acquisition and allows people to add to their collection of fine art with confidence. Knowing their art purchase will increase in value.