Photography Equipment

The camera gear I use varies depending on the subject matter I am photographing. Like a lot of people I have a wish list of beautiful cameras & lenses. I have learnt over the years it is important to keep it simple where ever possible. Below is my current photographic setup.

Camera (Digital)
5D Mark 2

100mm Canon Macro lens IS USM
100mm-400mm  Canon Macro lens IS USM
24mm-105mm  Canon Macro lens IS USM
17mm-40mm  Canon Macro lens IS USM

Cameras (Film)
Pentax 6×7 medium format film Camera
Fuji Gx 617 panoramic film camera

gerhard macro photography

shooting mushrooms closeup with canon 450D and 60mm canon lens

Fujichrome Provia ISO 50, ISO 100
Fujichrome Velvia ISO 50, ISO 100

Canon 430 speedlight flash, large flash diffuser,
manfrotto flash arm,
Canon Ringflash MR14-EX
random flashes
Led flashlights
Headtorches LED Lenser (rechargable)

Uv protective filters
Graduated Neutrol Density filters

Manfrotto tripods,
Manfrotto 338 levelling base

Computer Hardware
3,2Ghz Mac Pro, Quad Core, 10gb Ram
Epson Perfection 4490 Flatbed Scanner

Computer Software
Adobe Creative Suite