Pelican Flight…limited edition artwork



Pelican Flight, Fine art photography, mixed media. Limited edition artwork by Australian artist Gerhard Hillmann. Includes certificate of Authenticity. Can post worldwide.


Pelican Flight by Gerhard Hillmann (limited edition)

Pelican Flight, finally after many years of failed attempts I managed to get a well balanced photo of a pelican taking off. It became the base image in this mixed media composition. Here it is striking a graceful pose while leaving a stunning water trail. The background is overlayed with iconic Australiana gumleaves and flowers typical of the area and bring colour into the image. Many of these flowering plants bring the abundant wildlife, especially birds here when they are in full bloom. This inland waterhole was once my favourite place to wade around in the late afternoons and sunset photographying all of the birdlife. However, shortly after creating this artwork large satltwater crocodiles made themselves known in this once peaceful spot and put an end to my particular style of photographing there. I shudder when I think about wading around up to my neck at times trying to reach small islands and half submerged logs to get these photos. This is however a very peaceful image.

Pelican Flight

limited edition of 99

Price: $245.00

Archival giclee print, signed, stamped & numbered.(includes certificate of authenticity)

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