King Parrot…limited edition print


King Parrot limited edition print by Gerhard Hillmann

Australian King-Parrot (Alisterus scapularis)

This portrait is of a juvenile male King Parrot. As it reaches maturity its head will become completely red.
Their diet consists of mainly seeds and fruit, which they often gather high in the trees canopy. They are found along the eastern coastal ranges of Australia and usually in the highland rainforests or wet sclerophyll forests. The Male King parrot has a red head and although the females are similar they have a green head and breast. King parrots, both male and female have greenbacks, green wings and long vibrant green tails. They often travel in pairs or small related groups. They are vocal and have a very loud high-pitched whistle followed by a carr-ack sound they communicate with when flying. Their average size is 42cm and breeding season is between September and January.

I photographed this particular bird on the Atherton tablelands here in North Queensland, Australia.


King Parrot


limited edition of 99

Price: $285.00

Archival Giclee Print.

Signed, Embossed & Numbered. (Includes certificate of authenticity).


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