Garden of Earthly Delights


I am constantly trying to visually recreate the experience of being immersed in the environment. Quite often we are too busy running from one destination to another to notice everything in-between. By slowing down to walking pace you may start to notice a few interesting things in your immediate surrounds. By standing still and stopping for a while you realise you are part of the environment. By waiting, watching and listening with all your senses-interesting things slowly start to reveal themselves.

In time, you may notice subtle, intricate details jump out at you and what may at first appear to be the smallest detail suddenly reveals itself as something more complex. Worlds within worlds open up and something as simple as single leaf becomes much more. As these details enlarge in your minds eye you appreciate all the subtle differences and variations around you and cant believe you have never noticed them before. This is when imagination, ideas and the art of seeing merge and an interaction between you, the environment and everything within occurs.  Immerse yourself in a garden of earthly delights and participate in this game of hide n seek which is never ending as the more you look, the more you see.

Movement catches your eye and another mysterious creature introduces itself to you in a glimpsing, fleeting moment of beauty and acknowledgement you are sure to remember. It is these magical moments of discovery, surprise and wonder I am trying to acknowledge in all of my imagery.

Frog in Hole

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